Relaxation, Make changes in your life, Live a good life, Self awareness, Stress RelaxationLife coaching is a relatively new industry, focused on the amazing human relationship between the coach and client.

The life coach helps focus and organize the client’s thoughts, desires, and values to deepen the client’s understanding of themselves or a situation, or to forward the client’s action.

The client is solely responsible for progress and success in their own life, as the coach offers no advice or guidance.

True LIVING and BEING comes from aligning one’s values and with one’s actions and only  “You” the client, can do that.

Is it time to take control and focus forward to make powerful / blissful change in your life? 

We get so caught up in our day to day life happenings, that we lose track of who we are and what we are about.   Is it time for you to sit in the Director’s Chair?  Take control of your life, figure out your life direction and move forward?

Working with age groups 18 and over, I am here to help guide you academic decisions and career decisions.  Having someone in your corner, helping you set up a plan, who will listen, suggest, help you move forward is the key to your success.  Are you ready to sit in that Director’s Chair?

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