Living Your Dreams

Time is of essence

Many years go by with people talking about career changes. How there are so many other things they want to succeed at and unhappy with their current career.
Suffering in a cubicle, day in and day out!! Clients have shared with me that they are stressed, working late hours and even on the weekend.

The first step to really changing your life around is to literally hit the ground running! Not from your current Job ..LOL because you need the income to survive or live….

Step 1 :But Make literally force yourself to find time for your dreams….
Think and dream freely about what you want to do: I’m sure we all have these moments.

Step 2 : Make time to write down the steps for changing your future.

Step 3: Get into ACTION..

Step 4: Set a Step by Step Hour By Hour Minute by Minute Schedule.

Excel sheet or a grid Make a schedule and follow it. Post this Schedule all over the place so you know you can’t escape from it.

It’s really all in you! You’re the one that can make those changes and live your dreams!

If you need extra help then contact me the Life Coach I can be your side kick to motivate and help you. Maybe there’s something internally you need to deal with that’s holding you back ! Or just need a motivator ! Lets do this start making progress and changes… It might take time for you but every step will count towards living the life your dreaming of !

Its your life and you deserve to be able to pursue or make those changes. Change is a process and once you start making those small changes then we will slowly see those smaller ones grow into a bigger more positive change. The average person likes to change their career or make changes in their job at least 5 times in their lifetime. Don’t be afraid to work towards that promotion or different career choice or start that business. Its only normal to want to grow and learn something new. Its healthy to be creative.

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