What are addictions and can you conquer them? Research states, it takes 3 weeks to break a habit but a lot longer to break an addiction. According, to CNN Doctors reported that addictions hit a pleasure center in our brains but effects of pleasure do not stay the same each time we take in our addiction. Therefore, we need more and more to help us feel that pleasure or even just feel better.

If you truly want to break an addiction that is wrecking havoc on your life then you have to give up this addiction. Common Sense right? We all know thaaaaattt..!

Just remember if you are giving this addiction up according the Research it will take the brain almost 3 months to get all of its natural chemicals back to their normal levels and you will feel freer and much happier. Its a process but you can do it !

Addicted to Food, Addicted to Drugs, Addicted to Alcohol, Addicted to Sugar ?There are so many things you can become addicted to especially if you have the personality or if its in your genetics. You might need to get help from this or maybe you have the power to just give it all up… I’m not a doctor or expert so you should definitely communicate and get advice from your Doctor on the best way to give up your addictions.

According to research one way to break an addiction is to really think about what’s causing it. Being in the moment and figuring out the reasons. It’s good to also think ahead of what event, time, emotion will cause you to lean towards your addiction. Addictions to shopping, drinking, sugar, eating, drugs, gambling these are all very harmful, too much of this can harm you.

Addictions will take your health, your true self, your right to Life !

Remember you have the right to live your true life. Your true purpose and these addictions only hinder and harm you. Take control and think, Stop, find another thing to do instead. Exercise instead, or call a friend/family, Take a walk or read a book. You deserve a healed happy life so if you need extra help why not go get it? It’s your right you can call your health care provider a doctor for a referral! You deserve to live a healthy life !
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Trying to change your focus on your life and making things better will help. Instead of thinking of the past or what you have or haven’t done with your life. Focusing on the now and what you would like your overall life to look like will help you. The key is to breaking the addiction and moving forward freely. You can quit and keep yourself occupied with doing good things with your time and life. You deserve it and owe it to yourself.

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